Spicy Fridays: Why The Hell Is Sex So Important? (Mature Monogamous Sex That Sizzles: Dian and Buck Book 2) Kindle Edition

Barba was waiting for me in the foyer. Standing. Looking out the window at nothing.

“Barb, so good to see you again!” I exclaimed at first sight.

I couldn’t help but admire her Lauren Napa Intrecciato Clutch Bag. I had my eyes on one of those for the last six months.

Barbra smiled, administered a loving, strong hug, and held me back at arm’s length, admiring.

“Goddamnit, Dian, you’re still the most beautiful girl I know,” she exclaimed.

That was Barb. Heavy on the praise as usual.

“I pale in comparison. Barba, you just light up this room,” I gushed.

It wasn’t hyperbole. 

Barba was my image of the ultimate femme fatale. 

Five seven without her heels, almost six feet with them. Raven hair down to her shoulders, silver streaked now. Large breasts, hourglass figure, drop dead gorgeous even at her age.

“Oh, honey, how sweet to hear in my final years.”

“Shit, Barba, you’re going to live forever.”

She gave me a wan smile. “Oh, honey, none of us live forever.”

That gave me pause. She still held onto my shoulders with a strength that made my muscles ache.

“So glad you wanted to meet here at the OK Cafe,” I offered. “Haven’t been here since you used to mentor me.”

Barbra leaned in conspiratorily. “Best damn chicken and waffles in town. And you could bounce a dime off the tight asses of these waiters. Too bad they’re all gay.”

That was the Barba I knew. Brash as two copper pennies rubbed together.

I smiled hoping to God someone would move us from the center of the foyer quickly.

My prayer was answered when another hand grasped my shoulder.

“Ladies? Table for two is waiting for you. Let’s move it along.”

Barb was right. You could bounce a dime off his tight ass.

Hypnotized by the sway of his ass cheeks, I followed the waiter along through a maze of tight-fitted tables, powersuits, and hushed conversations.

The OK Cafe set at the precipice of Atlanta’s elite. Two miles down the road was the governor’s mansion.

My God, what was I doing here? In the middle of everything? Seeking advice from a siren?

Immediately I wanted to be back in my world, the somnolent bank that may or may not make it. The house. My house.

O fuck, the house. My house. My house on fire. The house in the warzone.

That’s why I was here. To seek out Barbra’s council. To understand how you make it to 70 with the man you began your path.

“Ladies, enjoy.”

Table for two. Elbow room only between the tables surrounding.

An intimate conversation to ensue surrounded by strangers perched on your shoulders.

Barb didn’t pick up a menu. She was still a regular.

I picked up mine seeing nothing.

Walt was at her side.

“Miss Barbra, so good to see you again!” his baritone rumbled..

“Hello, Shugga,” Barbra cooed. “My usual, love.”

“Absolutely, dear. And for you?”

I looked up at Walt. I knew nothing. “When in Rome… I’ll have what Barbra’s having!”

Walt gave me a smile. “Alrighty dear!” Walt whispered away.

Coffee cups and a carafe appeared out of nowhere. A pile of napkins. Silverware rattled on the tabletop. Another tight ass walked away.

“Dian,” Barbra began, “How the hell are ya, honey?”

I smiled. “I need to talk to you, Barbra.”

“I get that. About what?”

“Life after menopause.”

Barbra smiled. “Oh, honey.”

I returned her smile. Shrugged my shoulders. Fought back tears.

“What’s going on?” She wanted to know.

“I’m coming out of the hot flashes. Rediscovering Buck.”

Barbra gave me a wide smile. “How’s that working out for ya?”

“Interesting,” I offered.

“Damn, baby, unless Buck’s gone all beer gut on ya, I’d say you should be pretty happy!”

“Buck’s in pretty damn good shape, Barbra,” I replied.

“So what do you need a council session for, Shugga? Fuck the hell out of him and let him wonder how he could live without you!”

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8 thoughts on “Spicy Fridays: Why The Hell Is Sex So Important? (Mature Monogamous Sex That Sizzles: Dian and Buck Book 2) Kindle Edition

  1. Hi OU,

    I tried it again, and it’s the strangest thing – the “Look Inside” is correct, the “Free Sample” is correct, but the actual download is still incorrect. I’ve returned and redownloaded it several times with the same result.

    Is it possible that the KU file didn’t get updated?

    I read the sample and really liked it, so I’m not going to let this drop. I really enjoy your stories. As a fellow fifty-something in a three-decade marriage, I can say that not only do your stories hit the nail on the head, they drive it through the board!

    I’ve written reviews for several of them and will be typing up and posting them this weekend.

    Thanks for your help!


    1. Hey James,

      Glad you like the Series and I appreciate your persistence.

      I just downloaded this to my Kindle reader and the right manuscript loaded. Just to make sure, I fired up another browser (that I hardly ever use), went to Amazon and downloaded the manuscript just fine to the Kindle Cloud Reader.

      My suggestion would be to clear your cache in your primary browser and then try downloading. If that doesn’t work, I’d try another browser and download it.

      Again, I appreciate the persistence and look forward to any reviews you’d like to post.

      Stay in touch–the next six episodes in this series are lined up to be written next. I hope to have them finished by the end of the year. I”ll make sure you get those FREE in some shape, form or fashion.



      1. Hi OU,

        We seem to have a dilemma…

        I have tried downloading this book on every browser on every device I have (except my work computer – which I don’t dare try), and I get the same result. I’ve cleared caches and tried downloading through the Kindle app and on my kindle device. I even skipped KU and purchased the book to seem if it was a KU issue.

        I’m an engineer by trade and tenacious by nature, so this isn’t going to get the best of me.

        The only thing I can think of is it might have something to do with my Amazon account. I’ve downloaded and returned this book 20+ times in KU by now. Maybe something got corrupted?

        I’ve never had this happen before, so I’m up for suggestions.



      2. James,

        Sorry this has turned into such a pain in the ass for you.

        If you’ll send me an email at emptynestman@gmail.com I’ll get you PDFs on the first six issues. Hopefully we can get this resolved with Amazon ASAP and you can return to downloading books to Kindle.



  2. Hello,

    I’d really like to read this story, but it is not what is posted on Amazon. The book on Amazon under this title (and cover) is actually book #3 – Bankers, Guns, and Money. Can you correct this?



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