Drunk Donkey Driver | thewriterjean

There are people who shop at Walmart and then there are “The People of Walmart.” Anyone who needs a brisket, motor oil, bath towels, fertilizer, and hydrogen peroxide but only wants to make one sto… Source: Drunk Donkey Driver | thewriterjean

Paid writing job – Tuva Tovslid

I have had my first paid writing job. That is a noteworthy milestone. It wasn’t a big deal for anyone but me, but it was so much fun. The assignment was to write a detective story for childre… Source: Paid writing job – Tuva Tovslid

Take Two! | Is it Friday yet?

Okay, so here goes! My second attempt at a WordPress blog! Although my old blog is still up-and-running, it has taken a different direction to what I had initially planned. For those of you who are… Source: Take Two! | Is it Friday yet?

Fic: A Kiss Divine | L M Dee

A modern Aridane/Dionysus meeting. Ariadne leaned on the rough wooden railings, blinking back angry tears. The party continued all around her; people laughing, the clink of glasses, the ceaseless r… Source: Fic: A Kiss Divine | L M Dee