The Door Of Opportunity Is Wide Open – Andy Frisella

Facebook.Instagram.Youtube.Snapchat.Podcasts.Email.Google.Skype.Text.Email.THE FUCKING INTERNET.Do you ever stop to think how equipped you are to become a success in WHATEVER you chose to do with your life?!I had a fucking beeper…and Yellow Pages.Google that shit.There are ABSOLUTELY ZERO REASONS you can’t learn the skills you need to learn…usually FOR FREE…to become a master of your craft. Whether that be as an entrepreneur, or someone who wants to become an extremely valuable & well paid member of an organization.You know why I talk about the work so much?Because 99.8% of you just wont do it.It’s simple.It’s gritty.It’s not sexy.But it’s 100% the skill/habit/factor that keeps you where you are now, and FAR FAR away from where you want to be.Never in the history of this earth has there been more opportunity, more resources & more tools available to you.NEVER.And you still tell yourself

Source: The Door Of Opportunity Is Wide Open – Andy Frisella

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