The Journey Day 106 03.26.20

Day 16 of the second #90DB.

Listening to and reporting on the talk inside of my head at the start of the day: Getting back into it. I realize my preferred drug of choice is accomplishment. More of that drug. Less of everything else. Action cures all.

Quote of the day:
FUCK Novel Coronavirus / COVID-19.
–OU Rasscalle


  1. I am a man after God’s own heart.
  2. I am a world-class athlete. 
  3. I drive a world-class $100M publishing business.
  4. I help drive the company I work for to $100M. 
  5. is the marketing machine that drives the $100M publishing company. 
  6. I am the best man, father, and grandfather I can be.
  7. I am one bad-ass motherfucker.

Today’s Challenges. What I call my LADDER7s. The 7 areas I need to progress upward on today.


#2: World-class athlete. Half-triathlon. 70.3. Two days heavy chest and back work, two days heavy arms, two days hard stomach training. The primary focus this session will be running. The goal is to run six days a week.

Workout twice a day.
03.26.20: Mileage: 2.8. Reps: 280 crunches, 75 squats, 25 push ups, 15 kata
Pretty much designed my “hour of hell” workout while I was running this morning. I gave it a shot this afternoon. I was right. I barely made it to 45 minutes before I was gasping and drenched.

Eat right. Cut back on alcohol or eliminate it entirely.
03.26.20: Progress report: A handful of nuts for breakfast. A friend offered me two Del Taco tacos for lunch and tacos can’t be denied (they’re sacred). Dinner was two hot dogs on bread with jalapeno cheese. A double bourbon as I was finishing up my ENM chores wrapped up intake for the day.

Drink a gallon of water a day.
03.26.20: 128 ounces

Weight. Goal: 165.
03.26.20: 198.8.


#6: Best Man, Father, and Grandfather. The house payoff has been ratcheted up: $164K. I’ve got a house to TOTALLY rehab. I’ve got the everyday responsibilities not to suck as a man, father, and grandfather. Pray for the children. Pray for the grandchildren. Pray for the EX. Pray to God that I will rise up and be the best man, father, and grandfather I can be. Pray for my ongoing growth in these areas of life. Listen to YOU. Listen to my heart. Lean into the Spirit’s leading.

03.26.20: Progress report: Prayed. Listened. Leaned. Touched base with the youngest. Touched base with the ex.

Read 10 pages a day.
03.26.20: Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

#7: I am one bad-ass motherfucker. “People totally overestimate what they can do in a year; they totally underestimate what they can do in five years.” Keep listening to the podcasts: Andy Frisella’s MFCEO and REAL AF. Lewis Howes and his School of Greatness. Shawn Stevenson and his The Model Health Show. Pray to God that I will be bad-ass.

03.26.20: Progress report: Listened to REAL AF this morning. Good stuff. Visualized where I want to be by the end of April.


#1: A Man After God’s Own Heart. Read the Scripture every day. Continue the daily goal of meditation/visualization. Integrate Scripture memorization in this second #90DB.

03.26.20: Progress report: Man After God’s Own Heart visualization. Worked on memorization of Psalm 100. Read Acts 5.


#3: Write every day. I’ve got to recreate about $3K a month in revenue — that’s going to be the locked-in goal for writing this #90DB. STUDY.

03.26.20: Progress report: Sales this month: 9 | Pages read this month: 906

#75Hard (#ogceo) is completed in Kindle and Paperback versions. They’re ready to start marketing as soon as Amazon connects them.

Studied Erotica Academy tips and hints.

To pick back up on this weekend: Eat, Drink, F*ck. And What Happens Next on the Hierarchy of Need. #6 How I Became a Mobster (current word count: 1,217)

To dos: Buy and read: How To Market A Book: Third Edition (Books for Writers Book 2). Sign up for Erotica Academy and crush it.

#4: Get the primary company I work for to $100M. Do the elephant hunting. Build the model for what an Internet Sales Manager looks like. Help my team keep all the other plates spinning while I do that. Focus on the Top 5 projects or exercises in place to take us to $100M. Pray for the success of the concepts and programs implemented to take the primary company to $100M. Pray for the success of the concepts and programs implemented that affect every one of our primary goals.

03.26.20: Progress report: The team crushed it today.

#5: The Twitter Radio Rock Show. Launched. This is an hour of programming from 5:30-6:30 AM Monday through Friday where I very simply try to keep it positive. I want to give my audience links to stellar old-time rock classics, I want to keep the conversation upbeat, help people start their day positively, and, of course, add a lot of Twitter followers. Recite the short version of the mission statement for (Market. Document. Help. Encourage. Fuel. Sobriety. Achievement. Healing.) Daily, publish the cultivated articles and continue to cultivate Twitter followers.

03.26.20: Twitter Following: 1,332| Following: 1,331; 5:30-6:30 am. Pressed and published articles: 5

The LADDER7s were 7 out of 7 today. Today is a BHAG WIN.

THIS IS THE REALITY: 1,721 days until my journey is complete. Will I make it?

Instagram: hastags: #enm, #emptynestman, #ogceo, #lislih. Twitter.

Cody Board


Good day. Full day. Fulfilling day. Tired day. I’m going to go pour another bourbon and knock out as much of Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance as possible.

Until next time. Do the next right thing and CRUSH IT!


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