The Journey Day 12 12.23.19

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Day 12. The weather still sucks, Christmas is two days a way, and we’ve got a job to do today.

I’m grateful that I didn’t lock up, roll over, and die on the bike today. MAN! It was like moving in molasses this morning! The results, I’m sure, of coming off two days where I really pushed it hard. Anyway, our lowest mileage output during this 75Hard mental toughness boot camp. But I’m still grateful for it. It’s better than not doing it, that’s for sure.

This morning’s nugget is brought to you by 1 Chronicles 12, an often forgotten book of the Bible:

from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do—200 chiefs, with all their relatives under their command;

The setup for this nugget is David is establishing his power base and all these other guys are coming into join him. Scripture is listing all of their various attributes and the above attribute was what was applied to the men from Issachar, a tribe in the Israel family.

Is it just me? I am really picking up on the whole mob correlation to the Bible this time around. I guess more appropriately, the mob adopted many Bible aspects. Fascinating. Family.

A Connector is someone who sees the value in acquaintances. I want to learn the value of every meeting, every subtle occurrence of introduction. I want to learn the value of brushing against people.

75Hard day 9 today.

  • Diet. Zero cheat meals. Zero alcohol. WIN.
    Today’s weight: 200.2
  • 8 bottles of water (gallon) WIN.
    Running total: 1,215 ounces
  • 45-minute AM Workout. WIN.
    45-minute PM Workout Outside. WIN.
    105.1 miles biked | 13.97 miles walked/jogged/ran | 2,115 weight reps
    Shitty workout this morning. Two miles less than yesterday. Frankly, I’m feeling out of gas at this point in the program. Looks like a shitty workout ahead this evening. Cold. Rain. I was right. Cold. Rain. Wet. Muddy. Shit. Are you absolutely sure you want to follow in these footsteps? Because it really, really sucks sometimes.
  • Read 10 pages of a non-fiction entrepreneur book. WIN.
    Tipping Point
  • Progress picture every day. WIN.
    Here ya go:

Listening to and reporting on the talk inside of my head:

Interesting text discussion with the ex last night. It sounds like we want the same thing. Unfortunately, because of the damage we did to each other during Relationship 1.0, we’re worlds apart. That’s sad to me.

It got worse this afternoon. Looks like we’re headed for the big “D” and I don’t mean Dallas. We’ve cut off all correspondence to the first of the year. I have bowed out of all Christmas functions. I’ll figure out how to get the kids their gifts and then look toward the meeting with the for-now spouse.

Day 9. I’ve already gone through some real shit. Sickness. Separation. Overwhelming workload. Despair. But I don’t want to go back to day 1. My intention is to fight through. I know and understand that there are some things out of my hands, but most are not. Most things in my life are my decision. This time I choose to fight. I will fight for mental toughness. I will fight to be a better man coming out on the other side of 75Hard than I was coming in.

SELF-SUGGESTION: THIS IS WHERE I’M GOING. WHERE IS THE PROOF OF PROGRESS TOWARD THAT GOAL TODAY? This is where the rubber hits the road, team. This is the good stuff. These are the end goals. This is what it’s all about.

  1. I am a man after God’s own heart.
  2. I am a world-class athlete. 
  3. I drive a world-class $100M publishing business.
  4. I help drive the company I work for to $100M. 
  5. is the marketing machine that drives the $100M publishing company. 
  6. I am the best man, father, and grandfather I can be.
  7. I am one bad-ass motherfucker.

The LADDER TO THE TOP 7 to complete TODAY. Get out of the comfort zone: 

  1. Continue listening to 1 Chronicles on the morning bike ride. Made it to 1 Chronicles 15. That’s where we’ll pick up in the morning. WIN.
  2. Work my ass off with both the AM and the PM workout. WIN.
  3. Write on the current book. WIN.
    First marketing program for EXP launched. Results

    Day 1: 0 Pages Read | 7 Copies Given Away | 7 new subscribers to ENM.
    Day 2: 0 Pages Read | 5 Copies Given Away | 34 new subscribers to ENM.
  4. Pray to God that the concepts and programs we’re implementing going into the coming year will work.  WIN.
  5. Publish the curated articles. Continue to cultivate Twitter followers. WIN.
  6. Pray to God that I will rise up and be the best man, father, and grandfather I can be. Go to the bank and get the last Christmas present cashed. WIN.
  7. Pray to God that I will be bad-ass. REAL AF is caught up. Listen to MFCEO this morning. WIN.

The LADDER TO THE TOP 7 was completed today. Today is a WIN.

THIS IS THE REALITY: 1,815 days until my journey is complete. Will I make it?

Here we go…

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