The Journey Day 146 05.05.20

Day 1 of the second #90DB. August 2, 2020 is the goal to complete this period.

3:32 AM — Listening to and reporting on the talk inside of my head this morning: And so… we begin again.

I have a dear friend. I call him the owl.

The owl has been beating my ass.

The owl is convincing me that I can be better. That I can be more.

I don’t really understand what generates his faith in me.

About a million years ago I wrote inspirational shit.

Shit that helped people live better.

Material that was based around the wisdom of Solomon.

I just went out to Amazon. One book in the series I wrote back when I was a much younger man, is for sale… for $499.98…

I don’t really understand what generates anyone’s faith in me.

So, the owl, wants me to reconsider my path.

This current path of writing erotica.

And oddly enough, he’s helped me understand that the work with Solomon–oh, so many years ago–and erotica are tied together.

Think Song of Songs.

And then there is King David.

The guy. The guy I look to as my idol and the guy I so want to model my life after.

And so, dear reader, I am considering these things.

Writing about men thousands of years old.

Writing about a dude that collected two hundred Philistine foreskins as a wedding dowry.

Writing about a man who was the wisest man on earth.

Writing about the unique union that happens when a man and a woman can figure out that they can live together and perhaps not kill each other.

Unique? Well…

Here we go…

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