The Journey Day 209 07.07.20

I’m finally inspired again. This is the countdown to the next big event in my life: THE WEDDING. My youngest son is marrying his significant other. This occurs on October 30, 2020. It’s also the birthday of the EX. Imagine that. Anyway, what I’m going to record here for the next 116 days, is what I plan on doing to win the day each day so that I can be in the best mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual shape I can be for that upcoming event. Here goes…

WORKING TITLE: 116 Days Until a Wedding. An unlikely sequel to the 75 Hard Journey but just as life changing

07.07.2020 WIN THE DAY

  1. Bike Ride: 25 miles DONE
  2. Outside Workout: 6-7 pm DONE
    109 reps | 1.4 miles ran
  3. 8 bottles of water (one gallon) (6) FAIL
  4. Alcohol: no more than 4 shots (6) FAIL
  5. Diet: Keto. Current weight: 200.8. Update progress photo.
    Protein bar. Mixed nuts. Two slices of bologna and cheese. Burger with cheese, two hot dogs, no bread, no condiments. DONE
  6. Read: 10 pages: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance FAIL
  7. Windex Master Bedroom mirror FAIL
  8. Pick one section of the house to clean out and empty DONE
  9. Play Lottery. Win it. TBD
  10. What I owe on the house: 163,690.11. Get it paid off in 116 days. DONE
  11. Finish one new writing class FAIL
  12. Fix one Kinky Penny story keyword issues FAIL
  13. Read Psalm 1. Memorize it. Visualize and meditate on it. DONE
  14. Clean the bathrooms DONE
  15. Work on next serial episode of Eat. Drink. F*ck. FAIL
  16. Clean pool traps FAIL
  17. How much extra cash is coming in this month so far: $215.48 DONE
  18. Twitter all day and night. 1,459 Following | 1,410 Followers. Goal: 10,000 followers in 116 days. End of the day: 1,489 Following | 1,410 Followers. DONE
  19. Write O.U. Rasscalle bio for Amazon Author pages FAIL
  20. ENXP Year To Date: $215.48 DONE
  21. Primary business Year To Date: $18M. GOAL: $100M DONE
  22. Andy Frisella REAL AF podcast DONE
  23. Savage Snowflake podcast — give it a try DONE
  24. Facebook the kids DONE


Remodeling. That seems to be life’s theme these days. Remodeling the house. Remodeling my body. Remodeling my love life. Remodeling my work life. Remodeling the new business… it’s the season of RE- for sure.


Fat boy in a broken house


15-9-1 for the day. That’s a hard-earned win with a tie to be decided tomorrow. Let’s hope the tie is decided in our favor! Day 1: OUT.

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