The Journey Day 217 07.15.20

Sometimes all you can do is all you can do. I feel like rock bottom this morning. Time to go up. Start with a day. Get through a day. Do a week. Get through a week, do a month. Get through a month, do a year. That’s what we’re going to start today. All I’ve got to do is get through this day. Accomplish what I can. Hope for the best tomorrow. So, this is what’s up in no particular order:


  1. Twitter followers goal: 10K. Reality: 1,605 following | 1,427 followers. DONE
  2. Primary business goal: $100M sales. Reality: $19M. DONE
  3. ENXP goal: $100M sales. Reality: $216.97. DONE
  5. One gallon of water (128 oz) DONE
  6. Alcohol: no more than 6 shots (don’t judge me) (6) DONE
  7. Windex Master bedroom mirror. DONE
  8. Owed on house: $163,690.11. DONE
  9. Diet: Keto. DONE
    Intake: Two cheese eggs, two slices of ham, sliced tomato and Vidalia onion. A handful of mixed nuts. A handful of beef jerky. Two pieces of bologna, two slices of cheddar cheese, a hamburger with cheese, more Vidalia onion.
    Weight: 198.4
  10. Clean pool traps DONE
  11. Clean downstairs bathroom DONE
  12. Memorize Psalm 1. DONE
  13. Facebook kids. DONE
  14. One new writing class—Author Central DONE
  15. Fix one Kinky Penny story—It’s Only Kinky The First Time DONE
  16. Work on next Eat. Drink. F*ck. Story. LOSS
  17. Write O.U. Rasscalle bio. DONE
  18. Read 10 pages: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. LOSS
  19. Bike ride: 25 miles LOSS
  20. Outside workout: 6-7 pm LOSS
    Miles ran:
  21. Update progress photo DONE
  22. Frisella podcast—America… F*ck Yeah! DONE
  23. Savage Snowflake podcast LOSS
  24. Pick one section of the house to clean out and empty—cleaned out the vanity in the half bathroom downstairs DONE
  25. Play lottery. Win lottery. DONE

Progress photo:

Thoughts on the Day:

6:42 am: 108 days until a wedding. The house is still a wreck but at least the floors are going in now. Hope to come home to much more progress this evening. Fifteen chores were accomplished this morning. Hope to accomplish four more today at work or during lunch time.

4:14 am: 107 days until a wedding. The way Andy Frisella pitches it, today would be a win. I accomplished a lot more than I thought I would. But I’ve played sports. I’ve played almost perfect games…. and still lost. So, I kind of hold myself to a higher standard. I didn’t win in every facet. So I’m calling today a loss. A tough loss, but a loss. Tomorrow—well, I guess, technically, today is another day. I begin again. With the intent of doing everything right of accomplishing everything on my list. With the intent of WINNING THE DAY.

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