The Journey Day 42 01.22.20

Day 42. Day 39 of #75HARD. Have you heard people say, “Well, it can’t get worse than this!”? Yeah. It can get worse than this. Met with the wife last night. She wants to move forward with divorce. She asked that I not allude to anything in our private life moving forward, so in honor of that request, this is all I will say about this today and moving forward. Friend, I promise you, it can get worse than this. But enough about the past and the present pain. We’re moving forward. Onto the future.

I’m glad I’m alive. I’m glad for this morning. I’m grateful that I have today. I’m not looking past today. I’m going to do everything in my power to make today the best day possible–for now, for the future, if there is one. I WILL WIN THIS DAY. TODAY. DAY 1.

Our authenticity is tied to what is ex-pressed and what is de-pressed.

At its deepest and most real level, the notion of love at first sight is spoken of in every spiritual tradition as the reward for being fully awake. Such seeing anew restores our sense of being alive. Paradoxically, first sight is recurring. In the same way that we wake every day, we regularly return to first sight in the rhythm of our wakefulness of spirit. Whenever we can see with that original vision — with nothing between us and the life around us — we can’t help but love what we see. To see so fundamentally opens us to love. To love so fundamentally is to see the world we’re a part of as the vibrant, ongoing creation that it is. So, it really manifests itself this way: at first sight, we find love; at our first true seeing, the love that is already there touches us.

75Hard day 39 today.

  • Diet. Zero cheat meals. Zero alcohol. WIN.
    Today’s weight: 192.0
  • 8 bottles of water (gallon) WIN.
  • Running total: 5,265 ounces
  • 45-minute AM Workout. WIN.
    45-minute PM Workout Outside. WIN.
    509.9 miles biked | 74.02 miles walked/jogged/ran | 13,079 weight reps
  • Read 10 pages of a non-fiction entrepreneur or improvement book. WIN.
    The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.
  • Progress picture every day. WIN.
    Here ya go…

Listening to and reporting on the talk inside of my head:
There’s plenty bouncing around there today, but I’m not going to give it too much credence. I meet with the therapist tonight. That ought to go splendidly. I’ll ask him that we work toward an end goal–approximately a month out. It’s time for me to get on with my life.

SELF-SUGGESTION: THIS IS WHERE I’M GOING. WHERE IS THE PROOF OF PROGRESS TOWARD THAT GOAL TODAY? This is where the rubber hits the road, team. This is the good stuff. These are the end goals. This is what it’s all about.

  1. I am a man after God’s own heart.
  2. I am a world-class athlete. 
  3. I drive a world-class $100M publishing business.
  4. I help drive the company I work for to $100M. 
  5. is the marketing machine that drives the $100M publishing company. 
  6. I am the best man, father, and grandfather I can be.
  7. I am one bad-ass motherfucker.

The LADDER TO THE TOP 7 to complete TODAY. Get out of the comfort zone: 

  1. Continue listening to Jeremiah during the morning workout. Pick up at Jeremiah 35. Made it to Jeremiah 48. Will pick up there in the morning. WIN.
  2. Work my ass off with both the AM and the PM workout. WIN.
  3. Write on the current book. (Current word count: 576). WIN.
    The infrastructure and notes are in place to write the next 9 serials in the EAT. DRINK. F*CK. Series. That will be my focus until it’s done–about 45K words.

    Eat, Drink, F*ck. And What Happens Next on the Hierarchy of Need. #3 How I Became A Lothario is set to release on Thursday, January 23, 2020. We will support that release by making issues #1 and #2 FREE on #1 and #2 will run FREE on Amazon from 01.23-01.27.20. Worked on these ads tonight.
    Write in Real Time: This serial episode will be written here on the site. You can follow the progress at Writing Exercise.
  4. Pray to God that the concepts and programs we’re implementing this year will work. WIN.
  5. Publish the curated articles. Continue to cultivate Twitter followers. WIN.
  6. Pray to God that I will rise up and be the best man, father, and grandfather I can be. WIN.
  7. Pray to God that I will be bad-ass. Back to MFCEO this morning for my bad-ass education today. Return to REAL AF when new episodes are available. WIN.

The LADDER TO THE TOP 7 was completed today. Today is a WIN.

THIS IS THE REALITY: 1,785 days until my journey is complete. Will I make it?

Here we go…

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