The Journey Day 7: The First Rabbit Trail

So, one night earlier this week, I got involved with an offline conversation with a new subscriber to, specifically drawn by this series, “The Journey.

“So, where do you see this The Journey thing going?” he wanted to know.

It took me a while before I could text him back. I really had to sit down and ponder. Finally, I responded:


Earn the right to teach people they can change their own lives. Everything else is a stepping stone.

75HARD? See what can be done.

Save your marriage? See what can be done.

Sober up? See what can be done.

We will work with and offer insights into most plans that are already out there and cobble together some additional resources based on what we learn.

At least that’s where my head is tonight…

We shared some more on how deep the “Save Your Marriage” program could go. We talked about communities, and tribes within communities, and podcasts, and VLOGS. We talked about working in more entertaining humor.

It was an incredible experience to have someone so new to the community so desirous to pour into me and the program shaping under our feet.

And then what do you know? About $500 of GoPro equipment showed up on my desk yesterday unannounced, unexpected.

Thank you, JB. Thank you from me, and from the ENM Tribe. I’m looking forward to some more of our off-the-cuff conversations. And I’m looking forward to trying out some of this GoPro shit.



P.S.: Reporting this on the night my therapist informed me, “Your marriage is irrevocably broken. The best you and your wife can hope for is a vastly different version 2.0” is bittersweet.

Now back to The Journey…

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