The Journey of Regular Dad #3 01.03.20

#75Hard Day 2.

I’m grateful (see? I found something already).

Talked to my kids last night. I always find myself missing them when they aren’t here.

In my post divorce world, they’re only a mile and a half away but it might as well be worlds apart.

I talked to my daughter last night and it was just a really great conversation.

Then my boy got on the phone too and it was the same.

No I miss you”s. I know they do. And they know I do. But real world shit. Stuff about their day. And about their friends.

Maybe this really will work.

Maybe they’re really ok? Maybe I didn’t really let them down. I’m grateful for that conversation and that it’s my weekend with them and I get to go pick them up after work today.

SO, it’s a damn fine day. 

Even if if it’s 6am, and my outdoor workout for the day is now complete. At 5am. In the rain.

Why you ask?

Because I want to be better.

And I already feel better today. I feel sharper. I just feel better.

Sure, it’s the endorphins, etc that get released when you workout. I get that.

I just don’t give a fuck. I feel better. And that’s the point.

Still disgusted on the progress pic but I doubt that shit will ever go away.

After all, I am my own worst critic.

Today’s weight – 269 even.

That number still pisses me off. BUT – it went in the right direction and that’s a WIN! And for that I am grateful. 

It’s 11:20pm and I am just now completing my reading.

That’s another day of #75Hard completed and in the books.

It’s my weekend with the kids so they’re my main focus right now.

But damned if my daughter didn’t surprise me tonight. I stopped my workout for 3 minutes to help her with something, and she then proceeded to tell me I needed to workout for an additional 3 minutes in order to not cheat myself on the program.

Gentlemen … they are watching.

We MUST lead by example.

I’m proud of her for pushing me. And I thanked her for that. It seems like such a little thing but man I’m proud.

Off to bed. I have work to put in. Early. 

~Regular Dad

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