The Journey of Regular Dad #8 01.23.20

#75Hard Day 4.

Day 4? WTH?

Here’s the reality.

On Sunday 1/19/20 I completed all my tasks. Well, all but 1. It seems I forgot to take my progress picture.

I recorded my weight, but I have zero record of my progress picture.


Didn’t lose it.

Just didn’t do it and forgot.

That’s the best I have to offer.

I didn’t catch it until today. I thought I was on Day 22. Until I looked at my pictures this morning. Then it hit me like a fucking train.

I missed a day.

Oh shit.

I could fudge it. I could keep my mouth shut. I don’t have to tell anyone, BUT. I’d know.

Deep down inside I’d know.

And it would burn. Deep down inside I’d know it was a sham.

So here we are. Day 4.


This is what #75 Hard is all about.


Doing the right thing. Whatever that thing is.

Then doing the NEXT right thing.

Mon-Thurs have been on point. I am accountable to myself. I am going to get better every day.

Do what I need to do every day.

Do the work. Win the day. Then win the next one. And the next one. And on and on. 

No one to blame here but my dumbass.

I own my mistake. It’s on me. And I’m still going to fucking win.

This isn’t going to beat me.

It won’t define me.

It WILL fuel me.

It will hold my feet to the fire when it’s cold and wet out.

Get shit done.

Get better every day.

Own your mistakes.

Learn from them. Don’t repeat them.

I’m human. I fuck up sometimes. But I always give it my best. And I will get better every single day.

WE can do this.

Hell, I’m just a Regular Dad. Now go. Get your shit done. 

On a side note. Mr. Coyote, aka Clarence, (don’t ask, I’m a dork) is WAY bigger than I thought in the morning. Picture is from the ride home the other evening. 

My walking buddy Clarence


–Regular Dad

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