The Journey of The Rat Bastard Named Box #1 01.10.20

Warning: Contains Oversharing, Irreverent, Reference-laced Tangents of a sober-ish asshole on a #75Hard-like Journey.

I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for 10 out of 12 years I was in it. A relationship always takes two, in most cases, unless if you have your own TLC reality show.

I’m shy, socially awkward, weird, and other adjectives.

After the proverbial hit the relationship fan, I was empty.

Zero self-esteem, extreme introversion, depression, alienated all friends and family, and the luggage that all these fit in.

I dealt with these by Betty Fording my emotions especially during the last few years of, for lack of better terms, the relationship.

Cut to now — 4 years later.

I’m physically and mentally in a better place but find the things that used to come effortlessly, are difficult now.

Which has brought me to my own #75Hard Journey and the decision to share with this “tribe” if willing.

Not to be what Hulk Hogan is to a shirt or to have what the Kool-Aid man does to a wall.

But to be a better me. The best altruistically, weird, caring asshole that I can be and be OK with that.

To share in hope of understanding.

The kind of understanding that, while a really bad or inappropriate song is playing exclaim “No Way! *cough chuckle* I roller skate to this shit!” or tell, be it man or woman, that “Your ass looks like Campbells Soup — MMM,MMM, Good!”

These are bad examples and out of context but if you smiled, laughed, or even had air blow past your lips making a uncontrollable “PPPFFTT” sound, then were friends already, hopefully.

If not, I’m at the bottom of your like list and maybe in time I’ll surprise you.

As a past friend once told me,  “You’re like a tumor. You grow on people.”

That was the nicest thing he said to me before he died of cancer…

Just kidding. He got hit by a car…

Hes fine. He’s half machine but all man. 

If this does seem like a Journey you’d like to take with me, then Pitter Patter let’s get at her.

Day 1 in the books.

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