This Is Where I’m Going

So what will I look like on the other side?

This is a bit of vision casting. This is done with the intent to become my daily prayer, my daily mantra, my daily touchstone, to remind myself where I’m going and why.

This will help reshape how I react in situations; it will impact how I think; it will steer the direction of my life.

  1. I am a man after God’s own heart.
    King David is the only man to lay claim to this title. I am the second. The path to this title is laid out in David’s life and it is laid out in my own. Son. Servant. Shepherd. Warrior. Poet. Musician. Husband. Lover. King. A son of God. A man’s man. The word of God is constantly on my heart and meditation draws me to the footstool of God and in the presence of his Son. Here is where I live, and move, and have my being. It is this close collaboration and proximity that makes me move differently in this world than others, and prepares me to be in the presence of God for eternity. I hear. I obey. I walk by faith. I believe in God’s mercy.
  2. I am a world-class athlete. 
    With you, I can scale a wall. With you, I can bend a bow of bronze. With you, a thousand flee before one. With you, my strength knows no bounds. To be an elite athlete is an extension of the deep relationship with the Father and the Son. I am capable of doing things that others only dream of. I do, because I believe. I do, because I practice what I believe daily. I am world-class because I aim for God-class in everything I do, including the buffeting and training of my body, as well as my mind, and spirit. To reach world-class is to miss the mark; to reach for God-class only to settle for second best.
  3. I drive a world-class $100M publishing business.
    My success is also an extension of relationship. God told King David, I will grant you the desires of your heart. He tells this Second David the same thing. This thought–this undertaking–is an extension of my being, my existence, my purpose, to build things. This is simply the next iteration of the practice of true self. Will there be another challenge beyond this? Only God knows. For now, my focus is here in making this a day-to-day reality.
  4. I help drive the company I work for to $100M. 
    To rule, one must learn how to serve. Here, in my daily role as an employee and as one tasked with the challenge of growing the company, again I find meaning in embracing what I was made to do. I was made to build shit. This company is merely one of the stones that I use to hone the blade that God gave me to cut through this life. Will there be another challenge beyond this? Only God knows. For now, my focus while I’m at work, is here in making this a reality.
  5. is the marketing machine that drives the $100M publishing company. 
    Marketing. This discipline, unlike any other, charms me and brings me to life. I was made to market. Not bullshit. Not promises not kept. No, true marketing is the simple telling of one’s story to those who want and need to hear that story. I am the marketer. I receive joy in my soul when those marketing efforts ring true, on target, precise. Cut-to-the-bone messaging. With ENM, that messaging weapon is honed to it’s sharpest sense and executed perfectly.
  6. I am the best man, father, and grandfather I can be.
    This again, is to miss the mark by shooting for God-class, only to settle for world-class. In my pursuit to be a man after God’s own heart, to merely be a man–the best fucking possible man I can be–is a runner-up situation. And if this is my consolation prize, then I will gladly accept it.
  7. I am one bad-ass motherfucker.
    To describe King David as anything less than a bad-ass motherfucker, is to totally dishonor him. King David was a bad-ass. Just as I live to claim his title as a man after God’s own heart, I claim and own this title of bad-ass motherfucker. Nothing too hard to overcome. Nothing to daunting to walk away from. No obstacle that cannot be eliminated.

Man after God’s own heart. World-class athlete. Successful business owner and builder. Successful employee and servant. True Marketer. The best fucking man, father, and grandfather I can be. THE bad-ass motherfucker. That’s me. That’s this Second David, too.

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