Thoughts From Today’s Reading

Today’s Reading: Joshua 10

Joshua took all these kings and their land at one time because Yahweh, the God of Israel, fought for Israel.

–Joshua 10:42, World English Bible

God fought for Joshua.

If there is an overriding, overwhelming theme in the first five books of the Bible, is that God fought for his people.

Not because of their righteousness.

Not because of their strength.

Not because of their greatness.

But simply because he loved them.

Lord God, this morning, I’m just about out of strength. Just about out of umph. Just about out of want to get it done.

I need you to show up, show out, and work through me. I need you to be my strength.

I need you to fight for me.

Not because I’m all that.

Not because I’m a chosen one.

Not because of anything other than because you love me.

Please, Lord, fight for me today.



Photography by Solal Ohayon.

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