What Are Men Ages 55-70 Searching For Online?

The purpose of Empty Nest Man (ENM) is to help you reinvent yourself.

ENM is primarily, for men (because I’m a man), but we’re not limiting it just to men. Women need to learn how to reinvent themselves also.

Today, we want to focus in on the men.

So, men, ages 55-70, what are you looking for online? What peaks your interest? What pushes you forward? What will help you achieve all that you want to be?

If you believe Google, what you’re looking for are dating sites.

There are plenty of dating sites out there, so we’re not going to go down that road.

So, what else are you looking for?

What else can we gather on this site–what can we curate for you–so that ENM becomes THE go-to place for all men ages 55-70 for resources to reinvent yourself?

Please comment below. Let us know. We need the help, too, and in the long run, we hope to help a lot of other men reach their goals.